White Heavyweight Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

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Manufacturer R.L. Plastics

When you’re in the market for a shower curtain you might naturally consider color, design, material or perhaps even size. But if the right curtain turns out to be made of fabric then don’t check out without a Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner to accompany it. Most cotton or polyester shower curtains aren’t meant to resist water. Some offer a minimum of water repelling ability but most, if used by themselves, will eventually suffer from a lingering dampness that can very quickly grow into a mould problem. Not to mention becoming soiled with dirty bath water every time you shower. 

To avoid the need of having to constantly wash your new curtain and mopping up your bathroom floor after every shower we highly recommend that you pair your new fabric shower curtain with a Shower Curtain Liner. It will keep your new curtain clean, dry and lasting throughout the years. 

Meanwhile, the Shower Curtain Liner is discreet and will endure the abuses of daily showering. And when you feel it’s time has passed it can be easily and economically swapped out for a new one. Just tuck the plastic liner into your tub and let your outer, decorative curtain hang down in all its glory outside of your tub to reveal it’s full design. Magnets along the bottom edge of the curtain do a good job of keeping the curtain weighted down and out of your way. All 12 of its holes are reinforced with metal grommets. 

It's available in a few different versions which help cater to your specific needs or preferences. An Extra Long liner for bathrooms with tall ceilings. An Extra Wide liner for longer than usual bathtubs. A Heavy Duty liner for high usage bathrooms that require extra durability. And lastly, it comes in a fabric version for people who have trouble with vinyl rubbing up against their bodies. 

Available in White or Clear colors. 

Dimensions70" x 72"

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