Sylvan Shower Curtain

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Manufacturer Splash Home

The wolves howl and the squirrels scurry as you look upon this hauntingly beautiful woodland scene design. Birds can be imagined in the distance hopping from tree to tree. A gentle breeze breaks against the canopy of trees as these tall, lumbering giants sway back and forth against the sky whose sunlight filters through and scatters across the forest floor bathing it in a pale, dim glow. We can imagine for a time this scene surrounding us and wrapping us in a forest cocoon. 

There is a unique quality about the kind of peace and refuge we feel when in the middle of a small forest clearing. We are free yet secure within a sense of homey seclusion. A surrounding tree line can seem like a porous wall which protects us from prying eyes and howling winds. If you’ve even walked a mile in a forest you can revisit that state of mind every time nature calls.

Titled after the Roman deity of the woodlands Sylvanus, guardian of fields and woodlands this enchanting scene will add height, depth and natural beauty to your bathroom.

Dimensions70" x 72"
Care InstructionsMachine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low. Iron warm.
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