Sylvan Bath Rug

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Manufacturer Creative Bath

Bring a taste of natural peace and harmony into your watery inner sanctum with this mystical forest motif by Creative Bath. When art is not enough we must return to the source. Return to the wellspring of inspiration far from mankind's footprint. Nature! In all its gentile and menacing glory! The mighty forests out of which mankind emerged millennia ago will always remain a place where we can return to reflect on our direction and check our priorities. It will always remain the great respite from irrationality and the quiet teacher of inquiring truth seekers.  

We surround our homes with images of wild nature to remind ourselves of the subtle lessons and fleeting notions of peace which are too often forgotten. Decor like this helps to keep us receptive to the enduring lessons and tranquility of the forest and of all wild nature. It helps us maintain a rational perspective between ourselves and our place in the universe.

With one bare foot step this rug conjures up images of supple moss covering the forest floor. It's part of the greater Sylvan bath collection which is a great way to bring some much needed wild nature into the heart of your home. 

100% Polyester with latex backing.

Dimensions21" x 34"
Care InstructionsMachine wash separately in cold water. Use mild soap or detergent; do not bleach or dry clean. Rinse thoroughly in cold water; do not wring. Set dryer on low setting. Remove rug from dryer when almost dry and shake out to retain fluffiness.
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