Stackable Wood Bed Lifters - Natural Finished Hardwood

Delivery date: 3-5 days

Manufacturer Richards Homewares

Life in the city can be cramped to say the least. Space is at a premium and the wise city dweller learns to live vertically and most of that has to do with being creative about storage.

If your bed already has a frame with 4 legs then simply lift and place each block under each leg for a 2.75 inch lift. Stack 2 sets of blocks for a total of 6.25 inch lift. And now as an added bonus, beds on wheels won’t roll around when we need them to be still. All that’s left is find some stand alone drawers to store clothing, shoes, accessories etc.

Our bed takes up a lot of precious real-estate and we can take full advantage of the unused space underneath to store our belongings. Weather the space under the bed is limited or just non existent altogether these bed lifters can give your homes total storage capacity a major boost. 

Bed lifter set includes: 4 wood bed lifters.

Dimensions4" x 4" x 3"
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