Splash Bath Grass Shower Curtain

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Manufacturer Splash Bath

Fresh sprouts of giant, organically grown hard winter wheat grass grows right out of your tub imparting a natural, green glow to your daily bath ritual. This super close up perspective of natures most ubiquitous plant will have you looking and feeling like the veritable bug in a rug. 

Wacky and unconventional in its simplicity, house guests are sure to have a chuckle at your subtly goofy and eclectic taste. Project your love of and connection to raw mother nature onto your modern commode. Wake your mind every morning with thoughts and aromas of fresh cut grass and healthy, life replenishing doses of chlorophyl. The super health nuts among you will follow up with juicing some actual wheat grass juice right after showering.

Your bathroom will reflect the vitality and clean living which you value so much. City dwellers especially get that daily dose of green which our optic nerves naturally crave. The colour itself green imparts to us balance and harmony. It energises without stressing. It heals and moderates mind and body. It represents purity, recovery, rejuvenation, peace, fertility, hope and cleanliness particularly of the stomach and digestive system. Be smart. Be healthy. Go Green!

Dimensions70" x 72"
Care InstructionsBefore hanging, immerse curtain in a bath of warm water to help remove creases. To keep curtain fresh and clean, wipe regularly with a soft sponge or soft cloth. Do not iron.
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