Splash Bath Droplet Shower Curtain

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Manufacturer Splash Bath

Nothing is as pure and innocent as the clickity clackity sound of dripping water which is represented here in visual form. Large and small water droplets impacting a calm liquid surface. A microscopic look into something that happens routinely in your bathroom. 

This could also just as easily be a close up of a lake or pond as rain pelt it’s surface. Either way the actually dripping of water that takes places while your clean up provides the soundtrack to what  this curtain depicts. Not a bad little theatrical device if you think about it.

Enjoy the beauty of this natural symmetrical geometric phenomenon. Bound to have a softening effect on the decor of your bath. The quiet shade of blue further adds to the quiet and calm that this curtain imparts upon the soul. Simple, playful and just a hint of eccentricity. 

Dimensions70" x 72"
Care InstructionsBefore hanging, immerse curtain in a bath of warm water to help remove creases. To keep curtain fresh and clean, wipe regularly with a soft sponge or soft cloth. Do not iron.
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