Morning Rooster Kitchen Curtain Set

Delivery date: 3-5 days

Manufacturer CHF Industries

As the vistas of your nightly dreamscape reach their inevitable climax the dawn begins to crack over the horizon. The nocturnal creatures of the night scurry back to their dens and the rooster abruptly let’s loose his daily call marking the end of night and the commencement of morning. Nature’s alarm clock rocks the sleepy eyed out of their slumber and ushers them into a new day with new energy and a fresh perspective. 

This Morning Rooster Kitchen Curtain Set extends the energizing effect of the roosters call from the bedroom out into the kitchen propelling us into activity by instilling within us the vitality and stamina we need to reach and even exceed our own daily goals. 

This three piece poultry themed curtain set depicts tall and handsome roosters leading their hens against a cream coloured background dotted with leaves. It makes for a color palette especially fitting for the autumn season but will work splendidly all year round nevertheless.

Kitchen Curtain Set Includes:

  • One tailored tier and valance set.
  • Tier Pair: 56" width x 36" length.
  • Valance: 56" width x 14" length.
Dimensions56" x 36"
Window treatmentsTier
Window treatmentsValance
Fabric70% Polyester and 30% Cotton.
Care InstructionsMachine washable. See sewn-in-label for care instructions.
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