Lilies Fabric Shower Curtain

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Manufacturer Splash Bath

Purify your body and soul surrounded by this shower curtain adorned with lilies. Specifically these are white lilies of the valley. Traditionally associated with purity, chastity and innocence and is actually the official flower of the 2nd wedding anniversary. Perfect for newly wed couples. 

Depicted in ultra high definition this design broadcasts a number of larger than life lilies which serves as a natural centre piece of any bathroom. Both flowers and buds are depicted mixing in a bit of natural green into the colour pallet. Subtle in it’s colour and striking in it’s scale. 

Part of the Liliaceae plant family the lily is found naturally growing in most of the temperate northern hemisphere. Stretching from southern Canada down into most of the United States. And from most of Europe across most of Asia all the way across to Japan and down into the Indian subcontinent. has played an important role in society through much of the world not only symbolically but practically as well. In China the bulbs are used as root vegetables. In much of Far East Asia it is used as a kitchen herb. You too will feel as pure and enticing as an exotic Asian dish after showering within these pictures of Lily! 

Dimensions70" x 72"
Care InstructionsMachine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low. Iron warm.
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