Light Flight Shower Curtain

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Manufacturer Splash Bath

Like the butterfly which begins it’s life in a cocoon before bursting out into the world we too start our day in a cocoon of sorts as we seal ourselves off from the outside world for a thorough cleansing which transforms us from a cranky hot wormy mess into a pinnacle of earthly creation. Newly reborn, poised and ready to take flight across the world.

Let your imagination take flight on the fluttering wings of the copper coloured beauties adorning this shower curtain. No insect symbolises peace and beauty quite like the butterfly. The gentleness of these winged wonders brings a measure of weightlessness to any room. 

The mere sight of this mass of butterflies in flight each morning will ignite your senses and kickstart you mind into action. They will also remind you that gentility is just as important as action as you make your way through life. We wonder at the achievement of the butterfly as it transforms itself from the lowly caterpillar of its youth into the high flying jewel of the sky. But we are also in awe of its vulnerable gentility in light of all the challenges it must face throughout its life in the wild. Yet it somehow manages to succeed and excel in spite of this apparent disadvantage. But we may have misunderstood this gentility. Perhaps that is it’s greatest strength. One wonders, as the butterfly gently and helplessly makes its way through the world, if the entire animal kingdom itself does not bow down in the face of its magnificent splendour. Might we learn that grace and beauty can be just as effective as might and force in the world? Another question to ponder perhaps during bath time.

Dimensions70" x 72"
Fabric100% Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate: Eco-Friendly PEVA. PVC and Chlorine Free.
Care InstructionsImmerse curtain in warm water to help remove creases. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not iron.

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