Lenox Chirp Shower Curtain Hooks

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Manufacturer Lenox

Nothing welcomes us into a new day with warmth and innocence quite like the chirping of birds overhead. The sweet sounds of our fine feathered friends are just as much a part of what we love about mornings as the sunrise, the stillness and the dew.

If the Lenox Chirp shower curtain is the masterfully baked cake of interior design then these hooks are the cherries which top it all off. These delicately sculpted porcelain birds and blossoms have been hand painted and are one of a kind. No two are quite the same. They act as three dimensional extensions of the birds and flowers on the companion shower curtain. 

Lenox is a world leader of fine bone china and other homewares. The Chirp design is part of their neo- oriental themed Simply Fine collection. Be sure to look into the entire Lenox Chirp collection on this site. But whether you choose to go with a uniform collection of prefer to mix and match, these exquisite shower curtain hooks will lend a touch of world famous Lenox flair to any bathroom motif.


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