Lenox Butterfly Meadow Shower Curtain

Delivery date: 3-5 days

Manufacturer Lenox

Pollination is in the air with this elegant floral design by the world renowned Lenox company. This is an embroidered masterpiece which will make any room shine like a field of wildflowers in the noon day sun.

Butterflies of various colours and sizes intermingle with wild meadow flowers in a display of springtime floral fertility. The colour palette gives off a light and airy feeling indicative of spring or summer. Both elegant in its form and playful in its content. The gentile airiness of this design really does convey the fragile aura of a gentle butterfly. A motif which easily adapts to anything you wish to pair it with.

Create a holistic experience for your family and  guests by establishing design continuity from room to room within your home. Give your bathroom the same respectable decor typically reserved for the dining room or living room. An intimate design for an intimate place.

Dimensions70" x 72"
Fabric54% cotton and 46% polyester.
Tel.: +1 718 728 8074