Lenox Butterfly Meadow Bath Rug

Delivery date: 3-5 days

Manufacturer Lenox

Only Lenox can do so much with so little. Lenox embodies the less is more approach. Stunning art work, discretely place with just enough room left to fill in the blanks with our imagination. 

Lenox realises that the centrepiece of an item such as a bath rug will always be you. Who needs a mess of artwork where your feet are expected to be. The butterflies and flowers are wisely placed off to the side to make way for the star attraction; your feet! The double green border provides a framework holding it all together. The quality is of course second to none as always. The velvety feel of the cotton in this rug evades description. But it will certainly surpass any expectations you might have. 

Anyone who knows Lenox at all knows what to expect. For those who have yet to experience the quality of Lenox first hand this bath rug will certainly win you over as a lifelong fan. The feet don’t lie and they will thank you affectionately for choosing a bath rug without equal!

Dimensions20" x 30"
Care InstructionsMachine wash.
Tel.: +1 718 728 8074