Cubic Clear Shower Curtain

Delivery date: 3-5 days

Manufacturer Splash Bath

A not so revealing shower curtain that let’s in all of the light while preserving your privacy. Create a digital waterworks of kaleidoscopic luminosity. Glamorous and modern. Classic and adventurous. An icy cocoon into which you enter everyday for renewal and refreshing.  

The totality of these horizontal and vertical lines of cubes form a glittering tapestry which multiplies and reflects all the light that is thrown at it. A space aged motif that lends itself well to a 60s mod style, 70s disco look and 80s power fashion just as well as a contemporary or a timeless utilitarian aesthetic. 

This straightforward curtain is great for men or women who don’t like too much fuss when it comes to decorating. A versatile curtain that will be easy to coordinate with almost anything you throw at it. And an excellent neutral compromise for house mates that have polar opposite aesthetic sensibilities.

Dimensions70" x 72"
Care InstructionsBefore hanging, immerse curtain in a bath of war water to help remove creases. To keep curtain fresh & clean, wipe regularly with a soft sponge or soft cloth. Do not iron.
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