Bed Bug Blocker Mattress Protector

Delivery date: 3-5 days

Manufacturer Levinsohn


The scariest thing that can ever happen to you in bed in not a nightmare, bed wetting or even a disappointing lover. Anyone who has ever experienced them knows first hand that if there is one thing to avoid in your home it’s a Bed Bug infestation. If left unchecked it can render your mattress useless and on it’s way to the landfill along with much of your bedroom furniture as well. A disastrous affliction to your health and a drain on your finances. All due to a 0.20 inch long insect.

Peace of mind is an essential factor in getting a good nights sleep. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t neglect to guard yourself, your family and your housemates against the easily avoidable problem of Bed Bug infestation. It can happen to any of us. Take the precautions necessary before disaster strikes!

The bed bug blocker pillow and mattress protectors are the first line of defence against long term infestations of Bed Bugs and along with weekly inspections of your bedding will virtually guarantee that you will never be a victim of these little hellish parasites.

Stretch sidewall fits up to 21” deep mattresses.

Care InstructionsMachine Washable.
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