Ceramic Cat Toilet Brush

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Manufacturer Splash Home

Cleanliness is more than godliness it’s “Cat-liness”! The majesty of this feline toilet brush will add a graceful porcelain touch to your porcelain throne room.

Cats are famous for their cleanliness and make a fitting statement for a clean toilet and bathroom. Cats also symbolise a certain tranquil solitude which lends itself nicely toward establishing a peaceful, tranquil ambience in your washroom. The white color adds to the overall aura of purity of your humble powder room.   

This feline art piece is a gift to the many cat fanciers in our midst. Cats have been keeping mankind company for at least 10,000 years. The ancient Egyptians held them in very high regard, depicting them in their art and even being buried alongside them in their tombs. No other animal in the entire animal kingdom conveys such delicacy and mystery as the cat. Share your affinity for these noble beasts with your family and house guests.

Dimensions5" x 5" x 15"
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